Suzanne Long is an expert on rum, tropical cocktails and tiki history, and specializes in custom tropical menu creation. She available to teach symposiums on these subjects as well as to consult on bar and restaurant projects, and for in-depth topic training and behind-the bar efficiency for bar teams. A sampling of available topics are below. If you are interested in a symposium on a different topic or are interested in consultation on your new project, please contact Suzanne via the link below.

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Modern Tropical Mixology 101

New Tiki Classics and Structures with Suzanne Long

Mix your way through Suzanne Long's modern cocktail classics such as the Black Orchid, Gunpowder Swizzle and more, plus special all new cocktails never before released to the public. This symposium features hands on drink mixing with technique lessons, and attendees take the recipes home.


Rum 101

An overview of rum history, production, and styles with a guided educational tasting. Take a tour through the diverse world of rum with your master rum guide, Suzanne Long. Learn about differences in regional styles and take home the tools to articulate the tastes you love.


Advanced Tropical Mixology

Techniques for creative cocktail creation in the Tiki lexicon

This advanced class will break down the structures of tiki cocktails into usable and understandable building blocks.  Advanced discussion about multiple spirit cocktails with rum blend tasting. This is not a class on how to make a Mai Tai, but on how to invent a Mai Tai. Suzanne Long's unique original cocktail menus are some of the best in the world, and all of her cocktails are built on these techniques. Be the star of your home bar by truly understanding not just the how of a few recipes, but the why of all tropical cocktails - and apply these techniques to be the world's next tropical cocktail master.


Whiskies of Canada

Our neighbors from the Great White North have a long history of excellent grain spirit production, but often these exquisite whiskies are overlooked. Join Suzanne Long for a guided tasting and spirited discussion on the excellence of Canadian Whisky.


Agricole Rhum from Martinique and Guadeloupe

A guided agricole tasting with in depth discussion about this unique style of rum production and a photo/video tour of several distilleries in the French West Indies, including Distillerie Simon where Clément is made, the Rhum JM Distillery, and the Rhum Damoiseau distillery on Guadeloupe.