Old Fashioned Week USA Nov 2-11, 2017 / by Suzanne Long


Old Fashioned Week is coming to the United States, and Suzanne Long is your ambassador!

It started in France in 2015. Last year expanded to 14 countries. This year it's coming to the USA, Coast to Coast. It runs November 2-11, 2017.

The program is pretty simple - sponsors are Altos Tequila, Rhum JM, Monkey Shoulder and Wild Turkey with Angostura as the official bitters. Participating bars will be featured on old-fashioned-week.com/en/, where OFW publishes participant recipes, adds each establishment to the worldwide map, advertises all of OFW scheduled events at each venue, and talks up participants and their bartenders on OFW social media. In addition, as the USA ambassador, Suzanne Long will spread the word as well. The goal is to be stirring spirits and bitters coast to coast, and to let the whole world know about each awesome venue that participates!

All participating bars need to do is:

1. Register on the website: old-fashioned-week.com/en/

2. Run a menu featuring old fashioneds and/or variants with at least of the two sponsored brands (Monkey Shoulder, Wild Turkey, Rhum JM and Altos Tequila) and Angostura bitters during the Nov 2-11, 2017 time period

Of course, participating venues are free to run a menu of as many Old Fashioned-style cocktails as they wish, as long as at least two feature sponsored spirits and, naturally, Angostura bitters. The sky is the limit for interpretation, of course - from the original original cocktail to fantastic modern versions.

It’s easy to register: just visit https://www.old-fashioned-week.com/en/ and click on add +a venue.

Time to get Old-Fashioned!